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Steff's Corner of the Sky

Work, work, work!!

I've had quite a few jobs in my life.  Currently, I'm toiling away in Washington, DC, for a commercial real estate firm.  I'm the Senior Administrative Assistant in the Leasing Department. I also help out with Corporate Communications and Research.  I'm a well-rounded worker...and I'm not referring to my weight! :)
My working career has been very varied! I've worked as:
  1. Office Clerk
  2. Receptionist
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Help Desk Representative
  5. Assistant Editor
  6. Editor
  7. Employment Referral Coordinator
  8. Documentation Specialist
  9. Executive Assistant
  10. Senior Administrative Assistant

All of them represent a special part of my life.  So many things have happened, though I've only worked for six companies in my life.  Things change so fast.

If I could go back and warn myself about a job, I would definitely tell myself not to touch TranTech with a ten-foot pole.  That job messed me up more than I'd like to admit!  When you get a gut feeling about something, you should really listen to it.

My best job was for Cable & Wireless. They knew how to treat people and were very good to me.  The people were kind and great to work with, too.  I just happened to join the team when C&W was going down the toilet.  So much for the dot com industry!

The job I have now runs a close second. I've been here about 2.5 years and though the beginning was rocky, I've come out on top.

My proudest achievements have been the newsletters I created.  For more than one company, I established a publication for them. I love it when the creativity flows!


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