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Steff's Corner of the Sky

Fur babies!

Meow-faces. Doggie-woggies. I love animals, period. Here are few that have shared my life with me.

Mulder Kitty aka MK aka Boo aka Poophead...

MK was only with me for 7 years.  He was my first pet that was truly mine and I loved him tremendously.  He came to the townhouse as a little bundle of kitten on July 4, 1993.  At first, he was going to be a pet for Kyle, but he seemed to attach to me.  I didn't mind.  MK turned out to be a little too cantankerous to be a little boy's pet, but we got along fine.
He had his own idea on how things should be and though he drove me crazy sometimes, I still couldn't imagine those years without him.


Jinkies aka Stinky Boy

I thought that having 2 cats would be a better idea than the one, because I always worried that MK had been lonely.  So a lovely little long haired black and white cat became my second choice.  According to his "rap sheet", Jingle (his original name) had been dumped because he opened an "unopenable" bird cage...and snacked on the valueable resident!!  I didn't have any birds or rodents, so he would be safe with me.
I named him first, because Jinkies sounded a bit like Jingle. I hated Jingle. Since I'm such a Scooby Doo fan, Jinkies only made sense! So little Jinkies came to my home.
He's a slight animal, but loves to be up high and is very independent.  He and Jeepers still get into it a lot -- even after 4 years. But I still love him like crazy, too.


Jeepers aka Jeepies aka Jeeps

After I lost MK, I didn't think I'd ever want another pet. I grieved so hard, I think I went insane for a few months.
Finally, Shell convinced me to go look at the animals at the Pet Rescue.  I met Jeepers there. He wasn't called Jeepers then. He didn't even have a proper name, poor baby.  He was found in the woods, locked in a cat carrier with no food or water.  Someone was so cruel, they wanted the poor sweet thing to suffer.  Disgusting. I'd love to find the monster who did that and lock him up and leave him. 
When he came to my apartment, Jeepers was rather stand-offish.  Didn't seem to understand why I liked petting him or picking him up. I was affectionate and loving to him, hoping he'd warm up, but secretly I worried I'd chosen a very aloof cat. 
Once the weekend came, I packed him in a carrier and took him to the vet to get a check-up.  Poor Jeepers! When I put him in the carrier, he started crying piteously.  I felt very badly, because he obviously thought I was going to dump him again!  I kept trying to reassure him all the way up and all the way back that I was not getting rid of him, but he only cried and cried. 
Back at the apartment, I opened the cage door to let him out and he cautiously emerged.  His expression was totally readable: "I'm not being dumped? I can stay here?"  From then on, he's been a loving and wonderful friend. He loves to sit on my lap and sleep with me at night. I love him like crazy.


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