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Letterboxes Placed By The Apple Dumpling Gang

Lincoln Park Box

Placed by: The Apple Dumpling Gang
Placement Date: June 29, 2003
State: Arizona
County: Pima
Nearest city: Tucson
Number of boxes: 1
Difficulty: Easy loop trail, 30 min

Lincoln park is located in South East Tucson on Escalane Rd between Pantino Rd and Camino Seco. Park in the lot and follow the paved trail towards the playground equipement. From there, spot three large white signs that are joined together that announce "Welcome to the Atturbury Bird and Animal Sanctuary." Read a little and then take the gravel trail, lined by rocks that starts behind the signs. (The pink gravel trail is clearly marked all along by rock edges)

When the trail splits, stay straight and then at the fork in the road by the "Pack Rats", go straight again. At the cross roads with another trail, continue across on your stone lined trail and up the hill. Enjoy the view of the Catalina mountains, then back onto the trail and keep going. At "Sunshine Vista" walk out to the bench and have a seat. From the bench, look towards the Rincon Mountains and spot the closest Palo Verde Tree at about 30 degrees. Box is at the base of this tree under a pile of rocks.

Rehide well and continue on the loop trail back to your car. There are several smaller trail that cross your main trail, but stay on the clearly marked trail and you won't have any trouble. Have fun!