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The Apple Dumpling Gang

Virginia - Maryland - Pennsylvania - Mystery Boxes - Other - Hitchhikers - Email ADG


Turning Over a New Leaf
Let's Have a Picnic
Paris Mystery Box
Froggy's Hot Date: A Romantic Interlude in Four Parts
Mother Nature's Weaver
A Boxer's Gotta Box!
Fieldbook of American Wildflowers Letterbox
The Sarah Special: A Triple Sized Feast of Fancy
Balls Bluff Civil War Trilogy
Goose Creek Boxes


Gambrill State Park - High Knob
South Mountain Trinity
Harvest Moon Letterbox
The Ark and the Dove
Loonerism BetterSpox
The Search for the Golden Acorn:
Ranger Tom's Excellant Adventure

Squirrel's Girls and the Rupert Pawe Fault
Box the Planet
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire
Clustered Spires of Frederick
The Ultimate Walker


Just Flying Through

Mystery Boxes

Box O'Rocks
Paris Mystery Box
Chillin' with the Girls
A Cuckoo Box started out somehwere in MD complete with rules


Woodland Friends Trio(Arkansas)
Gone Fishin(Arkansas)
Lincoln Park Box(Arizona)

Hitchhikers Set Loose

If you've found or helped a HH along the road, drop the ADG an email to let them know!

Honda Road Again
Japanese Tea House
The Tramp
Happy Trails
Little Artists Everywhere
Chinese Food to Go
Tammy's Tribute
World Domination
Who Moved My Cheese?

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